With Hi?

Community Living BC believes everyone should have good lives in welcoming communities. Part of a "good life" is feeling safe from harm. We all have a role in ensuring people with developmental disabilities feel as safe as the rest of us. And it doesn’t take much to help. You can start by saying a simple "HI."

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We're all vulnerable


You might get lost in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. Or be uncomfortable in a certain situation. It's an uneasy feeling.

Our Instinct is to
Look for Help


Most of us would tend to look around for help from someone we know, even if it’s an acquaintance like a neighbour or a bus driver.

Some of us Find it


Some people with developmental disabilities can have a harder time making these kinds of connections, so it might be harder for them to ask for help.

But It's Possible to
help Each Other


There are simple actions we can take that help reduce the risk of harm. Just knowing more people in their community can help ensure that people with developmental disabilities are at no greater risk than the rest of us.

It Doesn't Take much to Help.


We asked people with developmental disabilities for advice. They said, "if people just said HI to us more, maybe we would feel like we had more people to ask for help if we needed it."

Start WIth Hi.


So, if you're a shop-keeper, bus driver, or neighbour, just say "HI" to a person with developmental disabilities you see regularly. If you make this small connection, you’ll help make your community safer for everyone.


If you believe the “Start with HI” message is an important one, Share it with your friends and followers.

The more people who act on this message,
the safer our communities will be.